About Vinsura

We are a respected Indian wine making company in business from last 18 years. With a humble beginning with a farming background, the promoters of VINSURA were able to come up with the world class wine made from some exotic wine grape varieties. It is said that 80% of the wine is produced in the vineyards and if we go by this norm one can notice that the best wines can only be made by the farmers worldwide and India is no exception.

Today VINSURA is already popular with wine connoisseurs and is also present in large parts of India. This success belongs to the quality product and dynamic leadership of Mr.Pralhad Khadangle, Chairman and Managing Director of VINSURA group.

Vinsura Brand

Vinsura literally stands for SURA, of Vinchur, to be pronounced as VINSURA. Vinchur is a small hamlet adjoining the Wine Park, and SURA in Sanskrit means wine. The pharmacological value of wine is well known since antiquity. Considering these two prominent factors, i.e. the location of the winery and the ancient nomenclature of this beverage, we decided to brand our product as 'VINSURA'.

Why Vinsura

Specialized Grapes

All our wine varieties are crafted from grapes grown in our own vineyards. These vineyards have plants grown from imported virus free cuttings and graftings from France, Italy, and California.

Correct Ripening Stage

The grapes are manually harvested and the crucial decision to harvest grapes is taken in the light of detailed measurements of level of sugar, tartaric acid , pH and maturity indices.

Specialized Winemaking Techniques

The special vintage characters of each variety are enhanced by specialized wine making and elevate techniques. This helps in making balanced wines showing good structure, complexity,soft, round and supple tannins.

Different Wine Variety Requires Different Treatment

It is expensive to make and it is made to be expensive, the reason it is made in a labour intensive and time consuming way.

Uniqueness Of Our Brand

It is a well known fact that quality of wine is decided by the viticulture practices that are followed in the vineyards. Vinsura Wines is a brand established by a group of farmers who adhere to the international norms of viticulture practices and hence manage to serve world class wines.

Vinsura Wines

SPARKLING WINE - Bottle fermented.


Vinsura Brut is a top quality sparkling wine with distinct characteristics. It is made from Chenin Blanc grapes.

The NOSE displays rich fruity Flavors to make it elegant and harmonious.The PALATE is crisp, soft and well balanced.

SERVE at 7-9o C with oysters, lobsters and a variety of seafood or perfect with moderately spicy Indian dishes.


Platine Brut

Collection de Platine Brut Sparkling belongs to an exclusive family of reserved range. It has been riddled, disgorged and bottled in the cellar using traditional method.

The NOSE displays fruity lemon flavours.The PALATE is dry, fresh and crisp.

Serve at 7-9o C. as an aperitif or with spicy. nutty. creamy food.

Platine Brut

RESERVA RED WINES - Aged in Oak Barrels.

Platine Shiraz Reserva

Collection de Platine Shiraz Reserva elgantly blends age and beauty.Made from fully ripe Shiraz Berries of superior elevage, aged in new barrels, it displays dominant flavors of French oak.

The NOSE displays fruity aromas of berries and cherries. The PALATE is soft with dominant oak flavors.

SERVE at 18o C.

Platine Shiraz Reserva

VARIETAL RED WINES - More Complex, Healthy, Aromatic

Cabernet Syrah

It's an old world wine. It's a new world wine.It is yin. It is yan. It's exotic. It's colloquial. It brigs out the best in Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah to create Vinsura Cabernet Syrah an inimitable blend that translates both the robust grapes into a soft, elegant red.

The NOSE displays a rich aromas of dry fruits. The PALATE reveals flavors of juicy black currents and has a long finish

SERVE at 18-19o C. with roasted meat Indian or Chinese cuisine.

Cabernet Syrah


Vinsura Zinfandel is a medium bodided wine with well-structured tannins. It has tremendous fruity flavors with accents of oak and various spices

The NOSE displays fruits flavors of ripe blueberries and cherries.The PALATE is spicy with a peppery finish with lingering accents of oak and a juicy feel.

SERVE at 18o C with cheese or red meat preparations.



Vinsura Shiraz is a deep ruby-red coloured wine with good structure and complexity and a distinct taste.

The NOSE displays pleasant dark berry aromas of freshly ground black pepper and distinct floral notes. The PALATE reveals flavors of ripe fruits with oke complexity and a soft,lingering finish.

SERVE at 18o C. with spicy mutton dishes, steak or Thai cuisine.


ROSE BLUSH WINE-Pleasant, Smooth, Easy To Drink.


Vinsura Rose gets the unique pink color extracted form Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine has hues of coral pink and displays great elegance. It's easy to drink and is the choice of connoisseurs as well as people who are just getting introduced to wines.

The NOSE displays a fresh but mild fruity aroma. This PALATE is smooth, straight and sweet.

SERVE at 8o C. with fast foods and snacks.


VARIETAL WHITE WINES - Light, refreshing, easy going

Chenin Blanc

Visura Chenin Blanc is a delicious white wine made from specially grown grapes,which are fermented at about 13o C to retain the characteristics of Chenin Blanc.

The NOSE Display aromas of ripe apples, peaches and melons.The PALATE is Crisp, soft and sweet wich a spicy finish.

SERVE at 8-10o C with pasta, White meat, paneer or spicy food.

Chenin Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc

Vinsura Sauvignon Blanc is a light refreshing wine suitable for any occasion. The grapes are harvested at perfect maturity for a harmonious body and structure.

The NOSE Displays floral and grassy aromas. The PALATE is light, fruity and dry refreshing.

SERVE at 8-10o C with sea food or medium spicy Indian food..

Sauvignon Blanc

DESSERT RED WINE- A very unique wine with natural residual sugar.

Late Harvest Zinfandel

Vinsura Late Harvest Zinfandel is sweet withprecious aromas and rare flavors that makes it a perfect way to end an evening.

The NOSE Displays rish aromas of raspberries and black pepper. The PALATE is pleasantly light, soft and sweet with a long finish.

SERVE at 18o C as a dessert.

Late Harvest Zinfandel


Valentino White & Red

Valentino stands for the most well balanced and delicate wines with exquisite taste and texture.

They are an absolute delight if you are beginning to acquire a taste for wines.

Ideal after a hard day's work, at quiet family dinner or while just relaxing at home.

Valentino White & Red

100% Premium Port Red Wine

100% Premium Port Red Wine

Vinsura Vinyard

Different varieties of vines spread out over 100 hectare, over slopes, sunny hillsides and valley floor, within a radius of about 15.km from the winery, constitute our vineyards. Each vineyard, each plot and each plant is looked after by a qualified Horticulturist.

Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel and Syrah varieties of wine grapes are used mainly for Red Wines. Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc and Symphony are used for White Wines. Each Variety of grapes has been carefully selected and grown in the most suitable plot, taking into consideration the macro-climate it needs. Annually our vineyards produce about 840 tons of Quality grapes.


Located in Vinchur Wine Park, a central part of fertile grape-growing area in Nashik Valley, this is the first winery in the proposed Vinchur Wine-Park. The Wine-Park is situated on Mumbai-Aurangabad highway and it is easily accessible by rail and road. It is about 4 hours drive from Mumbai and Pune. The world - famous caves of Ajanta and Ellora, near Aurangabad, are about 90 km, from the Wine Park. It is also equidistant from the Pilgrim City of Nashik and the holy shrine of Shirdi - a distance about 50 km.


Nashik Valley has been known for growing quality grapes, fruits and flowers for the last ten decades. It is during the last decade that some local enterprising farmers took initiative to reorganize and rearrange their vineyards to produce wine grapes, as this region provided the right environment for growing quality wine grapes. The soil type ranges from well-drained gravely loams to moisture retaining salty clay. The climate is typically Mediterranean with warm, but not excessively hot, days and cool nights. The entire grape growing area in this wine district is very well irrigated with excellent network of dams and canals. At present there are more than 30,000 hectares of land under grape cultivation in Nashik and another 30,000 hectares in the surrounding regions.



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